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1,000,000,000 WWC Giveaway !

Built by WeWin Global Members and Branding Partners
Free to join as visitors and pay $100 to become WeWinMeta citizens with a virtual real estate NFT. You can create a new or import existing wallet with recovery phrases and then access crypto tokens and NFTs from Ethereum main network as well as Polygon network.

If your Android device does not have Google Play installed, please click this APK link: 

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Meta rooms

No registration required

Creating an account doesn't require a phone number, email or name. Get started right away with new or existing ERC20 wallet

Support switchable accounts

You can add up to 5 accounts for your meta life roles

Daily check-in to earn multiple tokens

You can earn multiple brand partner tokens daily with your team and just need introduce one new member to join.

Play AIGC games and earn reward points

You can play daily fortune, daily trivia, puzzle world, AI challenger and more.

Innovative red pocket

You can issue red pocket with reward point for user to claim on any popular contents to promote you or your business.

Social on location based country, state and city clubs.

You can join your regional clubs for free during your travel or pay reward points to join and explore other amazing regional clubs.

Mint virtual NFTs and user created AIGC NFTs.

NFTs are digital assets and explore your favorites to collect. Your created AIGC NFTs can be minted by members and you will earn money too.

Open platform for brand parters

No matter your business is small or large, you can always participate and we build together and win together